Building Futures

We create top-of-the-class learning environments

As a multi-generational family company, we understand the importance of a good education and of inspiring young people to meet their potential.

We work closely with our clients in the education sector to understand their needs and to complete innovative and exciting school construction projects that support students, teachers, and administrators.

CCC Admin Building

We believe in working smarter

Educators are busy people. We know you have a job to do and that you don’t have time to become a construction expert as well. That’s where we come in. At Zellner, we prioritize making the school construction process as simple for our clients as possible. With clear communication, ethical business practices, and advanced connective software, we are equipped to manage even the most challenging construction project – keeping you free to do the important work of inspiring a generation.

At Zellner, we support institutional success through responsive design and quality school construction.

Spaces that inspire - on time and under budget

School construction comes with many unique challenges, and at Zellner, we can handle all of them. In addition to designing and building complex locations that must meet a variety of needs, education construction projects often have particular time requirements, budget restraints, and even unique communication needs. Whether it’s ensuring that classrooms are ready before fall semester or providing a clear budget for board approval, Zellner is equipped to offer successful results for our partners in the education field.

Outside of school

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School construction with students in mind

From preschool to university, we serve the education market by offering a wide range of services and project types across the sector. We understand the practical needs of education spaces, from longevity and flexibility to ADA accessibility. Zellner’s previous projects include complete education centers, student housing, and state-of-the-art recreation facilities.

Zellner is proud of our successful track record supporting education systems in the city of Memphis and surrounding areas. We work hard to ensure our work creates safe and effective learning environments for students of all ages.