Our Civic Duty

We build strong foundations

Zellner Construction has deep roots in the city of Memphis and the surrounding region. We are proud to have served the city on a number of important municipal projects, including the Raleigh Springs Civic Center and Beale Street Landing.

Memphis is our home, and we are honored to serve our community by providing innovative and quality construction.

Aerial view of houses

We help you dream big

Our history of successful projects as civic builders has afforded us the experience and know-how to provide a wide variety of construction services for the municipal sector. We are equipped to manage and contract complex public projects including mixed-use spaces, offices, detention centers, and infrastructure. From skate parks to police precincts, we provide the highest quality of expertise and production for any civic construction project.

Zellner applies industry-leading quality standards and expertise to public projects.

Planning for the future while meeting needs here and now

At Zellner, we work with our civic and municipal clients to create durable and adaptable sites that are well positioned to meet the needs of the present, while preparing for the future. Cities, departments, and public needs all change, and you need locations that can keep up. Utilizing a simple process of open communication and collaboration, we are able to identify client needs and innovate solutions for the long-term.

Skate Park

Clarity & Trust

Budgeting you can count on

An important facet of Zellner’s simple process is transparency. We know that cost is important for civic builders, and you need to know where every tax dollar is going. We provide complete transparency and clear line-item reports of all spending.

We help our civic and municipal clients receive high-quality results within careful budgets. We believe in working smarter – finding ways to cut costs without cutting corners.

On every project, every time, Zellner strives to raise the bar for innovative problem solving, responsive service, and quality results. Our dedication to service helps make challenging civic builds easy for our clients.